Who Am I?
A young UX, UI, Game Designer and Producer

Emrys Kleintjens, 21 Y.O. Born in Brunssum, Limburg, The Netherlands.
Living in the media-centre of The Netherlands, Hilversum.
Studied Game Design and Development at the HKU - University of Arts Utrecht.

Project Ramped
Interactive Skate experience

In this project, gaming is not the passive use of controllers on a couch in a virtual world. The skateboarder is the controller, active in the physical world, with a translation to the digital.

Dig Duo
Two Player 2.5D Race

Fast-paced two player race game where your mole has to dig as fast as he can to beat your own friend's mole. Use random pick-ups to get advantage, or blow your lead.

More About Me

I am an alumni of HKU (University of Arts Utrecht). My passion is
creating user experiences and hardware supported products. I am a very driven person
who likes to experiment on different levels of programming. Robotics has
always been my passion. The type of games I like to make are games that
entertain people, especially party games or just multiplayer games.

Software and electronics intrigue me as a person to not be bounded by
boundaries and set my own.

  • Unity 3D

    Junior advanced user in Unity 3D, still learning everyday. At the moment self studying in VFX in Unity and its possibilities

  • Programming

    Started in C++, read Java and now programming in C#.

  • Robotics

    Multiple National Champion of The Netherlands in "Football" and "Rescue" at RoboCup Junior. Attended two world championships, last 16.

  • Design

    Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Autodesk Maya. Self studies in graphic design.

  • Web Development

    Familliar with HTML, PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap and Wordpress.

  • Teamwork


More info

For more info about me or my work contact me or feel free to leave me a message.