Dig Duo

Two Player 2.5D Race

Dig Duo

Platform: Windows
Release date: June 2015 (Full release: September 2015)
Development: Alpha-build

Development: Mathijs van Sambeek, Emrys Kleintjens
3D: Luc van de Mortel
Animations: Luc van de Mortel, Emrys Kleintjens
Design: Robbin Lieverse

Made For: Fun, Game Jam
Assignment: Depth

Fast-paced two player race game where your mole has to dig as fast as he can to beat your own friend's mole. Use random pick-ups to get advantage, or blow your lead..


"Very polished experience, great graphics."
- filipz

"Simple in the best kind of way, easy controls, no nonsense."
- devPhil

"Super professional artwork! Great job!"
- TrentSterling

"Great game, lovely graphics!"
- Jupiter_Hadley

"Beautiful game!"
- RoscoeMVP