Gravity Fall

FP Online Multiplayer Race

Gravity Fall

Platform: Windows
Release date: December 2014
Development: Alpha-build

Programming: Mathijs van Sambeek, Emrys Kleintjens
3D: Robert Popijus
Texturing: Robert Popijus, Emrys Kleintjens
Animations: Robert Popijus, Emrys Kleintjens
Design: Robbin Lieverse

Made For: HKU School Project
Assignment: Create a game with multiple dimensions.

Gravity fall is an online multiplayer fast-action game. All players have to escape the spacestation before it explodes. The only way to make it to the escapepod, is to use the powerups and switch the gravity. Every player can change the gravity to any of the 6 directions. Use this option for your own benefit, or thwart others.