2D Top-Down RPG

Your name is Jeff

Platform: Windows
Release date: February 2015
Development: Alpha-build

Programming: Merlijn de Vries, Emrys Kleintjens
2D: Earvin Kroonstadt
Animations: Earvin Kroonstadt
Design: Merlijn de Vries, Earvin Kroonstadt,
Emrys Kleintjens

Made For: Three Week Seminar
Assignment: Create and publish a game in just 3 weeks

Harvest your animals. Buff your stats. Survive the winter. This game is all about leveling YOUR way. Get your pitchfork and herder-staff out of the barn and be a badass.

Our top down action game consists of two phases. Use the calm summers to collect chicken beaks, sheep wool and cow dots. You won’t have time for that shit during the winter. Each animal raises a different attribute, so you better choose wisely. Keep an eye on the thermometer, ‘cause it is rapidly getting colder. Let’s see how long you can survive. This all is displayed in very cute pixel art.